Campground Rules/Policies

  • Pets are always WELCOME, kept on a leash at your campsite and not left unattended. Kennel space is available should you wish to leave for the day to go to an attraction that pets are not welcome. Inquire at office for rates and availability.

  • Quiet time is 11pm - 7am

  • Speed limit 5 MPH

  • Car passes are to be displayed on the rearview mirror (facing forward)

  • Re-register for additional days prior to 9am of scheduled check-out date.

  • Trash bags are provided, tote your trash to the dumpster as we do not provide a trash pick up. Please do not use fireplace, restroom, or dish wash area as trash receptacles.

  • Mini-bikes/motorcycles are not to be ridden for pleasure through the park. Only holders of valid driver's license are to operate any vehicle.

  • Children are to be accompanied by an adult to the store, rec room, restrooms, & pool.

  • Firearms/fireworks will not be allowed or tolerated.

  • Clotheslines are not allowed on trees or signs.

  • Campfires are allowed only in the appropriate fire rings. Please do not move them. No grills allowed on the tables.

  • Pool hours: 10 am - 8:00 pm. Observe & obey the posted rules. No cut-offs. No dripping wet suits in the store or restrooms.

  • Washing of vehicles is not allowed

  • Generator use is not permitted

  • All of our trees before you were transplanted (except in the wooded sites) Please do not cut, trim or deface any of them, dead or alive. Trees are to enjoy --- not destroy.

  • It would be greatly appreciated if the office were notified of any dysfunctions in and about our park.

  • Visitors & Guests need to be registered & have an appropriate car pass.

  • Our facilities are for registered guests only

  • Mail drop is located at the entrance of the store/office

  • Ice, wood, LP gas (bottles or fixed) are available, not to mention many other camping necessities to be found in our store

  • Pay phones are located on the outside wall of the main building, nearest the playground

  • Sports equipment is available free to use. See office for sign outs. Basketball - Volleyball - Soccer Ball - Bocce Ball - Croquet - Softball

  • Mini-Golf is open during store hours. Test your skills.

  • Please be considerate of others privacy. Use designated area for getting to your site, and by not cutting through others.

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